How it works

Let’s say you charged $3,000 for your labor, but insurance decided to only pay $2,200.


You are still owed $800 and have a right to collect.


You could accept the loss, or you can sell your claim to us for up to $480 upfront.

Why Sell Your Claims?

Auto repair facilities choose to sell us their claims for these reasons:

  • "Found money" - many auto collision centers simply accept what they are paid and file away their invoices. Selling to us to recover money from what previously useless invoices.

  • Immediate cash-flow boost – If over the last couple of years you have been underpaid by insurance companies, simply gather all your short-paid invoices and sell them all to us for cash for an immediate cash-flow boost.

  • Receive immediate payment – Instead of fighting with insurance companies for an extended period, we will pay you immediately and then pursue reimbursement from the insurance companies.

  • Transfer the recovery risk to us – Getting paid is never certain. However, by selling your claims to us, we take on the risk of not getting paid. 

  • Simplify the process – By selling us your claim, you no longer have to spend any time thinking about or pursuing payment. We do all the work in the background.

The Process

After a quick sign-up, the process is simple. 

  1. Complete our forms and submit them along with your invoices and estimates showing the work you did, your charges, how much you were actually paid by insurance and customer, and how much you are still owed. SAMPLE INVOICE.

  2. Payment for your claim will be sent by mail to the address you provide.


Please feel free to call (713) 231-8459 if you have questions or simply complete the information below to get started!

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